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Enabling Picture in Picture For YouTube on Mac

In case you want to play music videos or watching your sports while working on your personal computers, then Picture in Picture is an excellent option for you. Picture in Picture mode is mostly used for watching video playbacks available as a short window attached to a corner of the screen. You can view your favorite videos while navigating through various apps or browsing different content. You can drag the PIP windows wherever you want or some other location while switching between apps. You can move videos in PIP whenever you navigate back from the video to watch the other content. This feature is available in most of the iOS automatically, but if you have a MAC, then you should know to set up PIP. Here is the procedure:-

By Using Keyboard

1. You have to tap twice on the YouTube video in which the first tap will help you to copy the URL of that video and embed it by going through a menu while pursuing other tasks related to YouTube.

2. You will get a more conventional list by the second click.

3. When you tap on the option of “Enter Picture in Picture,” then you will find that the video of yours will shrink and come down to a very small size.

4. The video will remain visible even if you open a new tab or navigate through another site. You can also leave the website, as in that case, the video will keep playing.

5. The video can be controlled by moving the cursor over it, along with pausing or restarting it. You can also get your video into PiP mode or close the window.

6. If you want to scroll the video around the window, then put one of your fingers on your touchpad and use another finger to move the video. You can use the command key in case you are using the mouse to move the video.

Other ways to start PiP

1. You have right-clicked on the volume icon in the tab when the video is playing, and by doing so, you will get the menu containing the option “Enter Picture in Picture.”

2. By clicking on this option, you will be able to start PiP.

3. You can also use the PiP icon if you have a touch bar to start the PiP.

4. You can use all the options accordingly to get Picture in Picture enable and enjoy your work while playing videos of your interests.

5. Once you allow the PiP mode, then any of your activity will enter in pip if you tap the home screen or new buttons.

6. You can also get promotional displays or information about the further episodes of your favorite series once pip mode is enabled.

So, Do it carefully if you have purchased a new Mac and willing to watch the videos while doing your work also. The steps are simple to follow and easy to understand, and you will find no difficulty in enabling PiP mode on your new Mac.

James Williams is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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Destiny 2 Avoiding Future and Focusing Too Much on The Past

Destiny 2 is facing severe problems regarding the gameplay and storyline, which the developer Bungie has introduced. If the fans have ever noticed, then they might have found that the developing of Destiny 2 is facing a hard time regarding the narrative, and whenever they move the story in the future at the same time, they often took their steps back. The dwindling of the story between past and future is puzzling the fans and indicating as if the developing team is confused. The Grimoire cards introduced in Destiny and the lore books of Destiny 2 has helped a lot to the developing team to give a futuristic aspect to the game. However, many of the legends, events, and characters of the past returned the same way as they made an appearance in the future. This has again taken the gameplay in the past, leaving the gamers upset. It could be understood that the developing team of Destiny is providing an opportunity for the fans to play and interact with the characters of the game that appeared in the past, which is, of course, an excellent fan service. Still, now it is high time to move on. Bungie, with its developing team, should think of the situations and steps to improvise it and move the story in the future as only interacting with the past is affecting the ability of the game to take forward progressive strides. The expansion of play with the introduction of Shadowkeep and the return of characters like Osiris, Saint14, and Ana Bray had severely helped the game to give it a futuristic aspect as these become the contemporaries of the players. But, again, it could be said that the developing team working on the gameplay of Destiny is lacking in providing meaningful stories and in utilizing the past legends in future aspects.

If the fans look into the storyline of Destiny 2, then there also they will find the same problem, and that is the lack of a futuristic approach in the story. However, the original campaign in Destiny 2, which introduced the Red War, was a bit of a good step taking into the future. The fans could enjoy the game by watching the leader of Cabal Dominus Ghaul, who besieged the last city and also destroyed the tower. The Cabal leader also caged the Traveler and destroyed the light of Guardians. This all was interesting, but the developing team could have ensued the narrative by providing the players’ abilities to regain the light and fighting against the Cabal; instead, it followed with the introduction of new characters and the changed inhabitants.
Again, if we take a look into the stories of Osiris, then back the character was only introduced to allow the players to look into the past, and it completely lacked any forward progressive strides. The Warmwind expansion, which brought back Rasputin and Ana Bray were focused on history rather than introducing a new futuristic story and strides. However, the new extensions introduced by Bungie in Destiny 2 in the form of Shadowkeep and Forsaken are moving the gameplay in the future with the help of new characters introduced in the game such as Mara Sov, Petra Venj, and Prince Uldren. The original characters in Forsaken are launching a new dreaming city to the characters and helping them to take forward steps into the game. however, while introducing new characters and giving the gameplay, a futuristic approach should not be meant that the developers completely ignore the past aspects as they can be utilized in a much better and planned way to lead the gameplay in the prospects.
Ryan Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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