Best Tools to Upgrade Your Experience on Flickr

Over the years, Flickr has continued to be the best photo management and sharing platform in the world. Using this app, people from all around the globe can share photos with their family and friends securely using their smartphone, PC, or tablet. It collaboratively organizes your photos and videos. They have room for developers as well who want to share their photography and videography skills with the world. That’s not it; there is more to Flickr, which you can experience using the following tools:

Flickr Uploadr

This tool is available for the Flickr Pro plan users only. Flickr Uploadr will allow you to quickly take a safe backup of your entire photo and video collection available on your PC, hard drives, iPhotos/ iCloud, Dropbox, and more. If you’re using macOS X 10.7 or later, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, then this feature will work on your system.

Flickr Mobile

Flickr is available in the form of an app and website. So, if you’re using a smartphone, it is easier to use and manage all the features and tools via an app. Using Flickr’s mobile app, you can upload and share media, check and tweak settings, create and organize albums, tag people, change privacy settings, and more. Flickr mobile app is available on Android, iOS, iPad OS, and Apple TV.

Flickr Commons Map

This tool shows the recently uploaded 250 pictures within a map area. You can choose to see any country, city, town, street, area. And the tool will show you all the available pictures on that location. You can also zoom in the location and area and scroll over the map to check every detail. Clicking on the place-marker will show you the image clearly and the information related to it.


With a beautiful interface, robust and smart design, this app offers its support to Flickr Groups. Not only that, but it also allows you to comment on other people’s photos, see EXIF, and shows you data comprising all the location information. It is not meant for uploading and organizing the images, but it will instead allow you to browse through other’s photos. However, this app is limited to Android users only.


This is an easy to use application that allows you to download as many public images as you want on your computer. By default, all the downloaded images are saved into a directory named Flump, but you can specify the names of the downloads. Also, it can only download from the sources, but to do so, the Flickr account holder has to grant permissions from the settings.

Desktop Flickr Organizer

This tool allows users to manage their pictures in both online and offline mode. With its easy to use interface, you can easily download, upload, and search for the images. You can selectively download the photos or get them all at once. It allows you to edit the information about the pictures and add or remove images. It also enables you to create, edit, add, remove, and delete photos from sets. 

Use the tools and applications mentioned above and explore a new side of Flickr. Earlier, various other tools were available to support and enhance the features on Flickr, but they couldn’t keep up with the technological and digital advancements. And, this leads to only a bunch of reliable apps and tools which are enough to offer you an exceptional experience.

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Source :- Best Tools to Upgrade Your Experience on Flickr

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