Google To Acquire North And Launch Glass 3 Next Year

Rumors have been floating in the air for a week that Google is going to acquire North, the Canadian maker of the Focals AR glasses. By the beginning of this week, the rumor has been confirmed to be true. North started shipping its first smart glasses in the US, and its first was Focals 1.0 glasses. Looking at North’s ventures, it was really good to see where the AR glasses category is headed. This year CES was held in January, wherein the company’s closed-door meeting, next-gen Focals 2.0 glasses were presented. It is believed that someone from Google also saw this new prototype, and recognized that North is an attractive acquisition target.

Those who were present at CES and tried on a pair of North’s Focals 2.0, agreed that the glasses were such intelligently crafted that it would require close inspection for anyone to notice that they were not really like regular glasses. This statement independently is a huge deal. No doubt that these glasses were what Google always wanted to do with Glass. If you take a deep look over the advancements North made to the Focals 2.0, there would be no questioning why Google would not want to turn them into Glass 3.0 and have another go at consumer AR. However, chances are that this stays as an enterprise-focused play for some time. Not so surprisingly, Google and North announced that they had decided to not move forward with Focals 2.0. Hence, there is still quite some time left to see what this acquisition brings for the public.

Coming to Google, we all know that it has a long record of acquiring hardware companies and then battling to conduct it at the same pace the firm was conducting it before the acquisition. Google right now is not exactly in an advantageous place when it comes to hardware. Considering examples, Google Pixel 4 was not as successful as the firm hoped it would be due to a false start. Alongside this, Nest is still struggling to figure things out and catch up with the smart home sector. Even though it has done big improvements, it is still not near any of its competitors. Google has always faced difficulties with Wear OS and wearables in general. Apparently, it is still trying to mitigate that with last year’s acquisition of Fitbit. In fact, the original Google Glass was also a massive failure for many reasons. Though Google did manage to overcome some of its difficulties with Glass 2.0 for Enterprise, Google views the acquisition of North as its best opportunity to make its AR glasses dream come true.

We must not forget that Google understands the rising importance of AR, and it also knows how important it is to have good AR hardware that facilitates an engaging experience without causing any problem to the users. That is why most parts of Google’s acquisition of North makes sense. While the amount that Google paid for North has not been revealed yet and probably may not come out ever but being a reputed company, whatever Google paid, must have been worth it. Coming to North, its technology is indeed the type of hardware that can lead in the coming future of AR. North did a superb job with the Focals 2.0 in terms of image quality and design that are the two big factors for a successful AR headset.

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Source :- Google To Acquire North And Launch Glass 3 Next Year

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