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Here Is Why Microsoft Doesn’t Care If You Buy Xbox Series X

Microsoft is planning to launch its Xbox series this holiday season. At the same time, Sony will also release PS5, but both companies have different approaches and strategies regarding their products. 

If you want to play the best games launched on the Xbox, you don’t need to get an Xbox Series X. You can play most of these games on your PC or your smartphone if you have the Xbox Game Pass and xCloud. It is a useful feature for those who don’t have any console. But some strategies by Microsoft are not suitable for the gamers who are planning to buy a new console. 

Rather than focusing on single and expensive hardware that can define their strategy in the coming years, they have taken a decision that might reduce the importance of their next gen-console. After the launch of the xCloud, you can play all the latest Xbox games on your smartphone or tablet. In that case, you won’t need Microsoft’s console. Microsoft hasn’t done anything that can convince the buyers to buy their next-generation consoles. But Sony has prepared a bold plan for the launch of its PS5. 

Typically, there are four major pillars of the next-generation strategy by Microsoft. Xbox OnexCloudXbox Game Pass, and Xbox Series X are the main pillars of their strategy. Microsoft is showing that Xbox Series X is one of their most potent video gaming consoles till now, but for the next two years, they will continue to support Xbox One consoles.

At the same moment, there are a total of 10 million subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass, and the count is increasing day by day. It will change the whole ecosystem of Microsoft and will eliminate the need for consoles totally. It is the cheapest option as you just have to pay $10 to get the game pass, and you will get access to all the games released by the Xbox Games Studio. Along with these games, you will also get access to dozens of third-party games. If you don’t have a Microsoft console, you can play those games on your phone with the help of xCloud. 

Strategy Of Sony Stands On Single Pillar: PS5

You might love the next-gen approach by Microsoft. You might love to play games like Halo Infinite on your phone or PC through the Game pass and xCloud. But Microsoft is not sticking to their one product and trying to do so many things in a particular time period. It might confuse the buyers, but the simple strategy by Sony will work here. 

Most people are unaware of some of the significant features of the PS5, but the available features are sufficient to create some buzz among gamers. They will launch further details shortly.

Sony is not working on multiple projects, so when you buy PS5, you know what you are buying. After some time, there will be a transition that can allow their users to play the same games on both PS5 and PS4. Till then, Sony and other gaming companies will launch their new games on the PS5. 

Microsoft is going to treat Xbox Series X and Xbox One as the same console, but it might affect the quality of the games. In contrast, Sony will not compromise from the quality of the games. Every Xbox exclusive game will also be available for the PC, and they quoted that the PC version of the game will be more vigorous than the latest consoles by Microsoft.

Undoubtedly, Microsoft is one of the biggest names in gaming consoles, but at this point, Sony’s console and strategy will beat Microsoft’s console. 

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Source :- Here Is Why Microsoft Doesn’t Care If You Buy Xbox Series X


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