Fix: This site can’t be reached ‘The connection was reset’

When you try to connect to a website, several elements come to play. Similarly, when you face an issue with the same, the problem could rise through any web component. Sometimes, the issue is with the site. Sometimes, the culprit can be your internet service provider. A few times, the issue is associated with certain settings on your device system, and you may have to fix them through troubleshooting.

Here are a few common solutions to the connectivity issue.

Remove the Cache of the Chrome Browser

You should follow these steps given below:

  1. Firstly, launch the Google Chrome browser on your system.
  2. After that, click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon on the upper side of the screen.
  3. Then choose the option of More Tools and then choose the ‘Clear browsing data’ option.
  4. If you wish to remove all things then select the option of “the beginning of time” as the time settings, then choose the data types that you would like to remove.
  5. Don’t forget to reboot the system after the fix. Also, detach the DSL internet cord, or enable or disable the Wi-Fi before switching on it.
  6. For removing all cookies, especially NWOLB, once again select the vertical ellipsis menu icon and choose the Settings option.
  7. You should navigate to Advanced settings.
  8. Launch the Content Settings and move down to the all cookies list that remained even after you removed them previously.
  9. Now, reboot the system once again and check the issue.

Update the Network Adapter

Here are the steps to update the network adapter:

  1. First, you must start by uninstalling any recent or pre-installed network driver on your device.
  2. After that, input ‘Device Manager’ into the Search section to invoke the Device Manager screen.
  3. Then click over the section of ‘Network Adapters’ to expand the menu. It will show you each network adapter that the system has installed at the moment.
  4. Go to the network adapter you would like to uninstall, and right-click on it, then choose the ‘Uninstall device’ option.
  5. It will delete the driver for the network adapter from the list and uninstall the networking device.
  6. Your device may ask you for confirmation for the action.
  7. Now, detach the said adapter and reboot the system right then.
  8. After it restarts, visit the manufacturer’s page to download all the drivers for your OS.
  9. Select the latest one, download it, then launch it from your default download location.
  10. Later, follow the steps outlined in the on-screen directions to install it on your device. While doing so, don’t forget to disconnect the adapter until you see the installation pop-up.
  11. Finally, reboot the system and then attach the adapter to the PC.
  12. Visit your Device Manager once again and find the network adapter beneath the section of “Network Adapters.
  13. Right-click on it and then choose the Properties option.
  14. Now, go to the tab of “Power Management” and deselect the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” box.
  15. Lastly, look at whether the issue is fixed.

Use Windows Default Driver

If you think the problem is due to the configuration issue, you can solve it through the steps that follow:

  1. Hold the Windows and R buttons at the same time to invoke the Run dialog.
  2. Then input “Devmgmt.msc” into it and select the OK button to launch the Device Manager.
  3. After that, select the drop-down of “Network Adapters” to list the drivers that are operational on the system’s network connections.
  4. Go to the network driver and right-click on it, then choose the option of ‘Uninstall Device.’
  5. Follow all the on-screen instructions to remove it entirely.
  6. Once you remove it successfully, reboot the system. Windows will replace the driver with the standard driver settings automatically.
  7. Now, check to view whether the problem is solved.

The solutions above will help your device connect to a website without experiencing the connection reset error. If nothing helps, you can try checking the configurations in Safe Mode and disabling the network adapter. We hope the above solutions help!

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Source :- Fix: This site can’t be reached ‘The connection was reset’

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