Some of the Best Netflix Chrome Extensions

Netflix is a great platform for all the watchers who love epic content, but what if you get some additional features that will make your watching experience more interesting? Yes, today, we will share with you some of the best Chrome extensions that will help you get the best out of Netflix.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that is considered one of the most popular Netflix Chrome extensions that are available on the internet. It allows you to watch Netflix shows together with your loved ones, even if you stay far from one another. It synchronizes the playback videos and enables you to chat with your friends while watching a video. So if you want to discuss anything about the video, you can do it while watching it. In my opinion, it’s the best way to do a watch party with a long-distance friend. So when you watch on Netflix next time, don’t forget to try this Chrome extension.


Netflix is a great platform full of overwhelming shows or movies, but it is not easy for a person to find out-of-the-box content that can make them feel awesome. Thankfully, we have FindFlix; this Chrome extension helps you find mind-blowing content searching through secret categories on Netflix. So if you have the mood to watch a specific kind of content, then you should be trying this Chrome extension.

Super Netflix

There is no doubt that Netflix provides fantastic content, but it doesn’t offer many customizable options like changing video quality, uploading customized subtitles, controlling video speed, etc. This Chrome extension can help you in these; you can use all these options with the help of this Chrome extension and make your experience of watching Netflix better.

IMDb Ratings For Netflix

Many viewers like to watch a movie or a show with good IMDb ratings, and no one can deny the fact that the ratings of IMDb are very genuine, and the movies or shows that get good ratings from IMDb are worth watching. IMDB Ratings For Netflix is a Chrome extension that shows the IMDb ratings beside the title of the show or movie on Netflix, and you don’t need to open a separate tab to check the ratings of any movie or show. In addition to IMDb ratings, it also shows you the ratings from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes.


This Chrome extension allows you to rotate the video playing on Netflix 90° anticlockwise as well as clockwise. So if you want to watch anything lying down to the bed, then it is going to be the best Chrome extension for you.

Netflix Profanity Filter

It is one of the best Netflix Chrome extensions made for kids. Suppose you are watching Netflix with children, and you don’t want children to listen to some profanity words. In that case, you can use this Netflix Chrome extension to mute the audio and censor the subtitles during a profanity word in the video. To use the feature of Netflix Profanity Filter, you just have to add profanity words in the subtitles that you don’t want to listen to while watching the video, and Netflix Profanity Filter will do the rest.

These are some Netflix Chrome extensions that can add spice in your entertainment. You can use these extensions to get a better experience, IMDb ratings on the interface of Netflix, enjoy movie nights with friends who stay far from you, rotate videos to 90°, and many more things. You should be trying these Netflix Chrome extensions.

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Source :- Some of the Best Netflix Chrome Extensions

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