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The Misfit of Demon King Academy: The Students from Demon and Hero Academy Fight to the Finish

In the inter-school mock fight between the students of Demon King Academy and Hero Academy, the demons were at a disadvantage even before the fight started since the Hero students used holy water and other tricks to suppress demon magic. But that is not going to work this time. Anos uses a powerful spell to evaporate all the sacred water from the lake to use it as a battlefield. Now everything was ready, and the demon magic was no longer at a disadvantage as demons challenged the Hero students for another fight. But the students of Hero Academy are not discouraged as they seem eager to fight the demons again. But this time they are not going to get an easy win since their adversaries are impatient to avenge their loss.

 Both groups pick someone from the other camp to fight head-on. Sasha has to go against Laos Kanon Jilfor, who is a burly hero student. Even though he is big, Sasha is not bothered since she knows how to fight him. Laos isn’t a defensive fighter, so he goes on the attack casting powerful spells to catch Sasha off-guard. He has a magical cold coin that Sasha swipes since she is small and quick. This enrages Laos who chases her to get it back. Halfway through the fight, Sasha drops the coin and Loas quickly reclaims it. After he gets his powers restored, he tries to cast a potent barrier spell to turn the battle in his favor, but suddenly he feels paralyzing internal blows and falls. Sasha had poisoned his golden coin, and since Loas failed to notice it, he was easily defeated by her trick.

Meanwhile, Ray faces a ferocious petite boy named Heine Kanon Iorg. Heine is overconfident that his swords Zele and Zeleo will be enough to take Ray down. But his overconfidence proves to be his weakness when he confronts Ray, who is a skilled swordsman. Ray is quick enough to get an edge over Heine by cutting his arm-off. However, Heine is able to regrow it with magic, but that doesn’t help him for long as Ray knocks both Zele and Zeleo from Heine’s hands before he can do any damage to Ray. Heine’s requests profusely but Ray reminds him that the stigma scar is nothing compared to what he would have done in an actual battle.

Anos is not just an observer as he too fights hero students. But unlike his friends, he is fighting two humans at the same time. Zeshia Kanon and Ledriano are his adversaries, and they must not be taken lightly since Zeshia is a top rank student at Arclanskia, the Hero Academy. Ledriano is sure that Zeshia is enough to take out Anos as they confront each other with a giant barrier covering the lake bed. Anos is easily able to stop Zeshia’s mighty sword with a barrier. When Ledriano tries to deal a surprise blow, Anos counters it with ease and hurls Zeshia at him.

Ledriano and Zeshia in a desperate attempt to win with a single spell use all the love and faith of humans around them to create a potent human spell. But even this does little to stop Anos as he is easily able to return the favors with an equally powerful spell which easily defeats both Ledriano and Zeshia. But something else is going on as Anos hears Eleanor Bianca calling him and goes straight to her to see what she needs. 

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Source :- The Misfit of Demon King Academy: The Students from Demon and Hero Academy Fight to the Finish


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