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Will iPhone 12 have Touch ID So Users Can Unlock Their Phones with Masks on?

The all-new iPad Air that got announced in September and is all set to hit the market later this month has relocated the Touch ID on the edge of the device onto a button. The upcoming iPhone 12 lineup, which is all set to enter the market, would be doing a similar thing. It would give users an option to either unlock their iOS device using their face or with their fingerprint.

Apple recently updated that its $599 iPad Air has the Touch ID integrated into the power button that can be found on the top of the tablet. With the help of the Touch ID, you will be able to easily unlock the device even if you’re wearing your mask. Apple would include a broader display in its tablet which will be able to unlock the device without relying on the face ID.

If the user wants to get Apple’s face-unlocking technology in an iPad, they will have to opt for one of the Pro models of iPad.

Apple would do something similar with the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup. And we expect it to include both Touch ID and Face ID to make the device much faster so that the user can get access to the device even when he is wearing a mask.

Users should be aware that it takes Apple about 12 to 18 months for developing a new iPhone, so in this way, it means the models of this year got designed before the spread of the pandemic.

Apple earlier stated that its newest iPhones models supporting super-fast 5G connectivity would get delayed by some time because of the global pandemic.

The companies try different ways to include a larger display (without worrying about space for fingerprint sensor) into a smaller package as they are trying to make the phones slimmer and sleeker. Apple, this time, is relying upon its Face ID rather than the fingerprint sensor, in order to unlock its new devices which would be arriving in some time, however other companies are still using techniques like embedding a fingerprint sensor on the back or sides of their devices or on the display of the device.

Over the years, Apple has started including a Face ID into its device models which has allowed Apple to not only add much larger displays on its devices but also to include a fast and secure method to unlock its devices.

The Face ID feature of Apple is more secure than the Touch ID; however, it used to create issues while working when someone is wearing a mask. In May 2020, Apple made some additions to its Face ID feature in order to unlock the devices faster even if someone is wearing a mask. But it still sometimes creates issues for someone who is wearing a mask, and then that individual has to remove the mask for Face ID to work properly.

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Source :- Will iPhone 12 have Touch ID So Users Can Unlock Their Phones with Masks on?


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